Access Control

Access Control Systems in Nowra & the Shoalhaven

Need to upgrade the security of your business? Access Control Systems are a great solution and provide many advantages over traditional keyed locks. These include:

  • The ability to decide who can access your business and at what time. Traditional key access means employees can open the door whenever they choose.
  • Employees leave and sometimes it’s not always on good terms. Rather than having to rekey your locks, you can simply disable their access card.
  • Lost keys can potentially compromise the security of your business. Lost access cards can be disabled.
  • Access cards cannot be duplicated. The same cannot be said of keys!
  • Track who comes and goes, and at what time. If necessary, you can access a complete record of each employee’s activities.
  • One access card can open multiple doors, lockers, display cabinets and more.

Access control systems can also be integrated with your existing systems including fire alarms, CCTV cameras and monitored alarms. EPW Security in Nowra can provide guidance on how to best secure your business so get in touch today. Our security professionals travel to all areas of the Shoalhaven and NSW South Coast.



Access Control Systems for Your Business in the Shoalhaven

Access Control Systems give you complete control of your business. Monitor who comes and goes, restrict access and simplify your security system.