Burglar Alarms & Security Systems

Shoalhaven Burglar Alarms & Security Systems

Our Security Alarm Systems generally consist of:

  • door switches (either hidden or exposed)
  • internal detectors (either infra-red, dual-technology or microwave)
  • internal screamers (either “top hat” or “flush” mounted)
  • external siren and strobe
  • a remote arming device (either a keypad or remote keyfob system)
  • a microprocessor controlled alarm panel
  • a back-up battery supply
  • a power supply
  • an optional telephone connection

Door Switches

Door switches are small magnetic devices installed in either the wooden door jam of the door frame (a hidden door switch) or installed on the door itself, eg: sliding doors (an exposed door switch). These are excellent first defence mechanisms – open the door an inch and the alarm “goes off”. The intruder is still outside and is usually unwilling to go further inside and get caught.

Internal Detectors

There are many different types of internal detectors. We do not offer Packaged Alarm Systems as we believe that you should install the right detector for the right location. False alarms are the bane of the Security Industry and technology today is such that this should not occur.

The three main types of internal detectors are:

  • infra-red
  • dual-technology
  • microwave

Infra-red detectors are single element detectors that identify changes in heat and movement across its field of vision. These types of detectors are excellent in locations that are stable, eg: inside most houses where light is filtered through curtains and not in areas that are open to direct sunlight.

Dual-technology detectors are double element detectors that identify changes in heat and movement in two (2) different ranges. When the heat and movement occurs in both ranges at the same time, the detector will send an alarm response. The types of detectors are excellent in hardier type locations, eg: sunny areas or draughty garages.

Microwave detectors are, as the name suggests, microwave sensors that operate in a given field. Any changes in heat and movement within this field cause the detector to send an alarm response. These detectors are generally used many obstructions are in the field of vision for a normal detector.

Internal Screamers

Internal screamers are either:

  • “top hat” mounted
  • “flush” mounted

“Top hat” mounted screamers make 110db of noise and are installed on brick or concrete locations.“Flush” mounted screamers make 120db of noise and are installed recessed in plaster ceilings to enhance the finish.

Remote Arming Device

Remote arming devices can be either:

• a remote keypad
• a remote wireless keyfob system

The remote keypad is a keypad installed inside the premises near the point of entry. Most keypads are programmed to be used with four (4) digit codes, though some clients prefer six (6) digit codes. The main advantage of the remote keypad is a lack of confusion as to whether the alarm system is “armed” or “disarmed”. There is a light on the keypad which shows its current status.

The remote wireless keyfob system is generally two (2) remote keyfobs that can “arm” or “disarm” the alarm system before entering the premises. The external siren and strobe provide the acknowledgement of whether the alarm system has been correctly “armed” or “disarmed”.

Microprocessor Controlled Alarm Panel

The microprocessor controlled alarm panels we recommend are:

• NX-4
• NX 12
• NX-16

The NX-4 is a four (4) sector alarm panel; the NX-12 is a six (6) sector alarm panel that can be “zone doubled” to provide twelve (12) sectors and the NX-16 is an eight (8) sector alarm panel that can be “zone doubled” to provide sixteen (16) sectors.

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